After releasing the last version of the BlogEngine, we started this version right away. We redesigned it with a sidebar which makes it easier to navigate to the other parts of the app.

Let's take a look at it:


We used Bootstrap 3.3 and Font-Awesome 4.4 in this version, that will help developers to contribute and make some plugins and themes. Also, it's responsive, so you can use BlogEngine on your smartphone and tablet.


We used Sass (SCSS) on this version and it helped us a lot. So now the administration panel is much easier to edit and update.

Default themes

Some of old themes moved to Gallery. Now we have 2 default themes named Standard and Standard-2015. The first one is the new theme with new cool design and the later came with last version.

RTL languages

As always BlogEngine improved for RTL (Right to left) languages like Persian and Arabic.

Online Demo

You can check the new version at username and password is: admin

Final words

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. let me know if you have any suggestion that can make BlogEngine better. Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging.