What is Blogifier?

Blogifier.Core will add full featured blog to your ASP.NET Core application.

A quick update released today, as you may know, we released version 1.0 a few weeks ago. This new update will add some small features but it will help users to do much more with fewer actions. So, basically, we improved the UX in this version. Filters, Search and Multi-Action are those new features.

Filters and Search will help you to find posts or files easier. For example, you can filter posts by category and/or Status like published or Drafts. And you can filter files by type of the file like images or attachments.

Multi-Action will help you to apply the same action to multiple items in Files and Posts. So for example, you can select multiple posts and unpublish, publish or delete them.

Let's take a look at the Blogifier 1.1

What's next?

Well, it's time to design it. Yes, we know it doesn't look so good now. We were waiting a little bit so we can have all of the basic features that we wanted on the Blogifier. Now it's the right time for a new fresh cool looking design. We'll be back with a good looking Blogifier in few weeks.