My name is Francis, I’m a front-end web developer, I started from 2007 with HTML and CSS. Back then it was just a fun thing to do. Now it’s more than that, it’s what I love to do and I make money from it!

I love to learn new things, doesn't matter what it is about. I just love to learn. I didn’t go to school as normal as many do. I just tried to do what I love. And I loved every job that I had.

I have a lovely fiance, Elham. She is the best and love of my life. I love to go out with her and just have a cup of tea every day. we have two cats and many homeless cats outside which we feed them.

I’m working on open source projects with great teams for about five years, like BlogEngine and Blogifier projects. Mostly I am the front-end guy but of course, it’s not only that, I do what I can to make them great. I share my thoughts on any sections that I think we can do better and better.

I worked as a front-end developer for several companies in different countries, remotely and on-site. Which I learned a lot and still lots of things to learn.

Hire me!

I am available to work on your project. I can work on any HTML, CSS and JS or related projects.
You can send me a message from the contact page.