BlogEngine 2.9 Released With New Design

BlogEngine Redesign

I'm so excited about releasing of this version. As you already know, I'm in charge of user interface design in BlogEngine team, I'm working on this project with passion and so happy about it.

Me and Mr. Ruslan have been working hard on this project within more than 6 month. I've redesigned the BlogEngine and “Standard” theme and official BlogEngine website. Everything in BlogEngine have released in 2.9 version with new design.

Here I'm responsible to explain for you the details and reports of BlogEngine’s new design. To receive more information about the added facility to BlogEngine you are recommended to visit the official BlogEngine website.

New design of BlogEngine 2.9

This version is so nice and simple, the design is also responsive, which means you can easily access to the management section with the various resolutions, through your smart phones or tablets.

Using Bootstrap 3.0.3 in BlogEngine 2.9

We have decided to use Bootstrap in this version of BlogEngine, since the Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world which makes its development more quicker and simpler.

Using fontawesome icons 4.0.3 in BlogEngine 2.9

We were using the icons with the format of JPG and PNG in BlogEngine’s previous version to display the button’s behavior next to the button text. But in the new version with bootstrap framework, the fontawesome icons is used, by which its designed for bootstrap and also there exist 369 icon in a font file with the type of vector. By using fontawesome, buttons, editors can be used without any trouble in different colors and size, all of them are placed in a font file.

New "Standard" theme for BlogEngine 2.9

New “Standard” theme is so nice and simple and you can easily edit and develop it. We used framework bootstrap just like the BlogEngine’s management section which has a nice appearance also new ability has been added to this theme.