Blogifier 1.1

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So, A quick and small updated released today with new features that will give you much more to do with Blogifier, which will make it easier to manage your blog.

Filters, Search, Multi Select are those features that we added to the Posts and Files page. so now you can filter by the state of the post (All, Published, Drafts) or type of the file (All, Images, Attachments). Also, you can search your posts or files and Multiple Select will help you with selecting multiple items in Posts or Files for applying the same function for all of those like (Delete, Publish and Unpublish for Posts and only Delete for Files).

Let's take a look at the new features in Blogifier 1.1

What's next?

Well, it's time to design it. Yes, we know it doesn't look so good now. We were waiting a little bit so we can have all of the basic features that we wanted on the Blogifier. Now it's the right time for a new fresh cool looking design. We'll be back with a good looking Blogifier in few weeks.

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