FrancisI'm Francis, 25 years old and I am living independently since I was 19 years old, Well actually I am not alone, I have a cat (Louie), which I rescued him from the street, I tried to teach him some coding stuff but he doesn't like.

I'm a front-end developer and I started from 2009 and worked in few companies and teams on-site and remotely in several countries. In the past years I was a front-end developer and UI designer, but from last year I decided to be only a good front-end developer and from that time I only designed some open source projects. but I follow new trending technologies about UI and of course UX.

From 2013 I am a member of BlogEngine's team, and from that time, design and front-end of the main app and themes implemented by me.

You can follow me on Twitter and GitHub or check out my Linkedin profile. Also if you have any question you can send me an email.